About the event

This July, we are asking you to complete the distance of a marathon by the end of the month. You can walk, jog,run, cycle,swim it, just complete 42km before 31 July.

You decide! The beauty of Marathon in a Month is that you have control! Add up your kilometres on the way to work, in your local park - wherever suits you.

1. Register for your free place here

2. Create your own personal page

3. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you

4. Record your kilometres by connecting your supporter page to Strava, Map My Fitness or updating manually

No! Marathon in a Month is completely free for everyone who takes part.

Yes! This is your Marathon in a Month - you decide how you get to that finish line. Take on Marathon in a Month in a way that’s a challenge to you.

Yes, this can be a team of friends, family or colleagues. When you register, you can create a team or join one if it’s already been set up.

If you’re in charge of setting up the team:

1. Create a name for your team while you’re registering

2. Once you’ve finished your registration and have secured your own team page, use the “Invite Members” button on your team page to send email invitations to your friends and family

If someone else has set up the team, just search for the team name when you’re registering and you’ll be automatically connected once you complete your registration.


As part of your registration for the Marathon in a Month you will automatically receive an online fundraising page with everydayero.

everydayhero is the online fundraising platform supporting Marathon in a Month. Using everydayhero is safe and secure. Once you register, a Marathon in a Month online supporter page will automatically be set up for you.

Yes! Please click below to download a poster.

Please ask your family and friends to sponsor you via your Marathon in a Month supporter page. Funds given this way are forwarded to the Irish Cancer Society automatically. If you have any offline donations, you can choose to pay this in a way that best suits you.

  • You can lodge the funds online here
  • Call 1850 60 60 60 and one of our team can take your donation over the phone.
  • Post us a cheque to Irish Cancer Society, 43/45 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4

Linking your app to your page is easy, just follow the steps here

If you have any other questions about the Irish Cancer Society's Marathon in a Month, please contact us on CallSave 1850 60 60 60, email fundraising@irishcancer.ie 

If you have an issue that is related to your Marathon in a Month everydayhero fundraising page, please contact help@everydayhero.ie or call 1890-92-99-44.